I open my eyes awake, after a rest.

I don’t see it.

Sit at the edge of my bed, stare at the white wall.

I still don’t see it.

If I decide to eat breakfast, I do so alone and in silence.

It’s not around me.

I’ll turn on my computer and search, yet I can’t find it.

So before I eat lead, I’ll look for it outside.

Walking the streets has made it worse.

It appears there is none to be found.

As the temperature rose, so did my spirit.

But nothing else changed, altered, or finished.

I stop at the park and sit on a bench by the fountain.

Bury my face in my hands, sob like a madman.

About to give up and give in.

It’s eluded me for the last time.

To catch would take a miracle, and I’m not of that type.

Suddenly I notice a bird whistle a tune.

Two, three, and four show up their voices a kind of soothe.

The clouds run away.

The sun is now shining through.

Could it be here, what I’ve been searching for, could it possibly be true?

My eyes follow the sound of a figure sitting down, beside me.

Greeted with a smile, just what I needed.

I finally found it.




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