This is just something short about a city I’ve become fascinated with recently. A city I’d love to spend more time in.

Oh Austin
Down 35 12 hours away.
I can’t here your voice from here.
I can only imagine the sound being great.
Oh Austin
I’ve noticed downtown starting to reach towards the sky.
Do the urban elite like watching it rise?
Are the bats still a sight?
Would I need a car, or could I make it with a bike?
I’d rather avoid the messy bridge on 35.
Oh Austin
Your jammed surface streets.
Parking lot highways.
Rising rent.
Yet you’re still oh so tempting.
Oh Austin
Have you lost your charm?
From far away I can’t tell.
Have you sold out to yuppies?
You must have other qualities to sell.
Are you the artist safe haven?
That you are made out to be.
A utopia in the middle of the sea.
Oh Austin
I’ll find out for myself.
Leave a light on for me.


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