I bare my soul.
And constantly rebuked.
Tend to stick my foot in my mouth.
Consistently eating shoes.
I’ve learned how to be me, by studying myself.
Kept an eye on my eye, and replaced I with you.
I am but one person.
I act like I’m two.
I have one name.
But more may do.

If I try I will fail.
The situation never matters.
It’s all I know how to do.
So in certain circumstances.
I picture myself removed.
Allow life to keep going.
And I watch like a movie.
Roll with what comes at me.
With minimal kicking and screaming.

It isn’t always easy.
To turn off your feelings.
Your nerves become shot.
You are blind to what you see.
It might seem cruel.
It might sound mean.
Emotions just get in the way.
Shut yourself off.
It’s all you’ll need.



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