First lady, first lady
Can you come stand beside me.
I’d like to capture your elegance with a picture.
Dress in black and white.
Your smile the only light.
Strike a pose, say cheese hear a snap.
And it’s all over.

Walk back towards the plane.
We watch in a haze.
shattered thinking this visit is the last.
On the stairs you turn and wave.
The crowds spirits are raised.
What a pleasant end to the act.

I hope the rumours aren’t true.
We found a discrepancy in your review.
Surpressed stories of rage.
Shouting contests with interns.
Slapping your drivers.
All from the lips of a spiteful aide.

I see you now as human.
A mistake or two is common.
Owning up is our only request.
Step back from the public.
They want you humiliated.
First lady, first lady
Sooner or later you’ll have to answer to us.



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