I wanna sell my things. Travel to Honolulu.
En route I’ll talk to no one. They don’t need to know my plans.
Sure I’d be nervous for the five hours over the Pacific.
Try to be comfortable, and get some sleep.
If all else fails, stare out the window.
Count the clouds as if they were sheep.

The landing is what I anticipate the most.
See Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor off in the distance.
From here the city looks so inviting.
But if I know one thing, it’s that looks can be deceiving.

The first place I would visit. A liquor store not far from the airport.
I need a fill up on rum. Several bottles I will buy.
Hand the money over with a little sigh.
Take a stroll down the avenue.
Look at all the Palms and shops.
Full of people who seem they couldn’t be happier.
Smile at a few with envy in my mind.


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