From what I have read, it seems that in previous decades if you wanted some kind of success with your art then LA or NY was your best hope. They had the businesses to support and market the scenes in a way not many other areas could. Were the cities really all they were cracked up to be? I haven’t a clue.  Nowadays there are big artistic communities in several cities across the nation: Austin, Nashville, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, and of course the Seattle/Portland areas. I would love to know if these places are viable alternatives to the ‘Big 2’. If I were to guess, I would say that they are, but to an extent. In the age of the internet, does it even matter? We can now create and share art all over the world via computers. The artist can have complete control thanks to this, which I obviously believe to be a good thing. But does it mean you can be successful living anywhere now? Thanks to the internet, it appears many folks have done just that. I believe that regardless of what somebody does, they should always seek happiness. If a person is fine with posting their art on the internet, then fantastic. If moving to another place feels like the only path, then great, just be careful.

Everyone deserves happiness in their life.


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