My bags are packed up.
I’m ready for the flight.
Take the shuttle to the airport.
Get anxious in the security line.
Gaze around the room.
To see if anyone here catches my sight.
None of them will do.
I need to flee and find.
My Texas bride.

So I fly back home to Houston.
A layover in Dallas made for a surprise.
Seen two brunette ladies while waiting.
They ended up boarding the same plane as I.
In a window seat I heard talking.
They both sat down to my right.
I stole a couple of glances, what would that hurt?
I heard one tell the other, they were headed home to Denver.
Man, I had to let out a sigh.
I almost imagined either of them could be my Texas bride.

After landing at Bush, I grab my carryon and disperse.
Call for a cab and rush to wait outside.
Standing by the curb, I see a cute blonde in a skirt.
All types of thoughts run through my mind.
I casually walk over, but she walks off before I can get near.
Hear a honk and notice it’s my ride.
To the Galleria, I say. The driver mumbles OK.
And we’re off into the night.
To find my Texas bride.

After some quiet moments.
We finally arrive.
He asks for a tip, I say I don’t know what that is.
All I see now is the cabs taillights.
Walking over to the waterwall, my heart has never been as strong.
I feel at peace in this city of mine.
Do I deserve love?
Can I have a child or wife?
How long must I wait?
To find, my Texas bride.



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