When there’s nowhere else to go.
Take stock of your possessions.
What can you live without.
What has no semblance.
You want to leave this place.
Hijack a plane going to a new country.
Why would they want you?
You offer them nothing.
Show them you are different.
Information can enlighten.

Maybe someone will give you pity.
Don’t expect a lot though.
Any help you get is not free.
Fuel for your saviors boasts.
A few may want you to stay safe.
But to more you’re taking their space.
Did you honestly think the roads here are painted in gold?
Search all you want, there’s nothing at the end of this rainbow.

No sympathy given here.
Refugees and asylum seekers just want to take advantage.
We’re closing off the land borders.
Air is coming next.
They do not care where you are from.
The life you are giving up.
Stay out of the way.
You can’t have their type of freedom.

Why can’t we help each other?


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