I miss your warm touch. Running over my skin.
Rainy days make me yearn for your embrace again.
Time has sped up. It hasn’t healed anything.
Tears me up remembering our last days.
I’ve never been able to guess.
Why you chose to leave.
Something pulling at your heart.
A desire to run free.

If you could see how much I’ve grown. Since we last spoke.
You’d be amazed by my total lack of growth.
Some days I can’t move. Trapped in a nightmarish room.
Seeing old pictures and movies only make matters worse.
I can’t get over the fact.
This hurting just won’t pass.
Filled with memories I can’t shake loose.
Still searching for clues.

Desperate for a sign to move on. Cut my losses and find a new groove.
Slim chance of that happening soon.
All around I see life. Makes me want to cry,
Watching others create such beautiful tunes.
Could’ve let me know. How long you’ve felt that way.
We could’ve worked it out.
Nothing can take your place.
I’d sell my soul.
For just one more.


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