Another story/poem

You’ll never catch me alive.
In my T I drive.
Scouring the midwest and south.
Armed to the teeth, and letting my anger out.
Bank to bank.
Shoot ’em up.
Leave no witness.
My finger is attracted to the trigger of my gun.

Why must I do what I do?
Stealing pleasure wherever I go.
Told too many times my head is on loose.
Seeking out revenge for my stolen childhood.

No town is safe.
They will all feel my wrath.
They’ll fear my name.
Tremble when I walk past.
Rob each city blind.
A Tommy in my hands will leave a bloody trail behind.
And me with bags of fortunes.
That’s what you get for not taking my side.

I made a big mistake.
Hit all the spots in one place.
Followed by a pig on a bike.
To my hideout in Westchase.
I tried to run, but he kept up.
Then I brought out my gun.
Bang, bang I though I got a hit.
Turns out I missed.

The copper returned fire.
I hit the ground a second after.
Regret immediately fills my head.
I take a bullet to the arm.
My shoulder feels like it’s been ripped off.
Throw my piece and raise my hands to surrender.
He starts walking closer.
I realize a capture is not what he’s after.
As he points, lifts the magnum and pulls the trigger.


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