Walking alone in the West Wing.
Thinking of days gone by.
Only one power.
No action contested.
Seen as the only good guy.
Had our enemies.
They knew better than to start strife.
We had the bomb and the media on our side.

Along came a Red with a promise.
“We’ll show you!”
A laugh was had.
Eyes rolled.
Seriously, who knew.
Internationally taken as a joke.
No way it could be as strong as our own.
Wanted to appear to not fall for this ruse.

A new monster created.
In a race not yet won.
60,000 pounds
26 feet long
A yield of 50 megatons.
Dropped in the Arctic.
Surely those who seen it panicked.
At the sight of a fireball brighter than the sun.

The entire world took notice.
We watched, a little fearful, but mainly jealous.
We would never have the support to try this.
How dare they test our role as the major player.
In this age of MAD, even we can be crushed.
At the end of the day.
Big Ivan succeeded.
Still I dream, that we’re number one.


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