As someone who spends time on the Information Superhighway(does anyone call it that anymore?), I’ve noticed just about every website has a “Top 10” list. Music, art, movies, just about everything has a top 10 somewhere. So I figured I would try something slightly different.

I’ve always enjoyed traveling, and I also enjoy the view of skyscrapers bunched together. Typically in most cities(or at least here in the US) this area is mostly in downtown. Entering a city from an Interstate or highway and seeing these tall buildings off in the distance is an experience I thoroughly enjoy.  With that being stated, I’ve decided to make a Top 5 list of my favorite skyline views from a highway. Keep in mind that this list is based solely on the way the skylines of each city appeared, I’m not taking into consideration any kind of social aspect of the cities(nightlife, quality of life, or any of that). Also, the list will be limited as my travels have only been in the Midwest, South, and parts of the Northeast. So here we go…

Top 10

  1. New York City – That view from the George Washington Bridge is a sight that is still unforgettable. Seeing Manhattan like this gave me an appreciation of just how massive and iconic the city is.
  2. Houston – I will admit I’m probably biased as this is my home area,  but coming in from the north(45) you get a good view of the city’s tallest and most distinct buildings. East and West you get a similar view too, but from the south(also 45 or 288) you can get an excellent view of the density of the downtown.
  3. Chicago – Driving north on I-94 towards the Loop somewhat reminded me of NYC. Watching the skyline slowly emerge from a little bit of haze was awesome, and made the traffic jam at 290 actually pleasant.
  4. Dallas – Coming in from 75 on the north side you are first greeted with the now infamously big High Five interchange. The freeway is trenched from here to downtown with midrise buildings scattered along the sides. My favorite view though, is from the south. Driving into the city from 45 downtown Dallas can be seen quite a ways from the south. At night it is especially nice to see, as the buildings have nice lighting.
  5.  Tulsa – I’m not sure why I like the skyline so much. It’s not very tall or dense, but there’s something about it I just really like. Downtown can be seen from 44 on the east side, but my favorite view is from 244.  The tallest building in the city is like a half replica of the former World Trade Center tower as well.

A few cities worth mentioning: Atlanta, Kansas City, St. Louis, Austin, Oklahoma City, Orlando, and New Orleans


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