Nothing can bum you out more than the news. Depressing and mean-spirited with a bit of lies and a sprinkle of truth.

The anchors read their stories. No emotion, like they’re set on cruise.

Thinking they deserve attention. Just because they’re “handsome” or “cute”.

I’m not really interested in watching the news.

Each segment is lame. Not newsworthy at all.

Do sports really need a dedicated hour? Who cares who kicked, hit, or threw a ball.

Accidents occur. I feel bad for the family whose son took a head first fall.

But shoving a camera into his crying mothers face.  Camera guy, come on.

The weather girl is gorgeous. Just as long as she doesn’t talk.

The only way you can sit through it, is by turning the sound off.

The guests are all horrible. Smug and completely out of touch.

Refuse to hear anyone else’s voice. So I refuse to give a F/.

Opinions passed of as fact, that’s what theses stations have sunk to.

That is why I’m not keen on the news.


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