I’ve been experimenting with how I write lately. Not really sure how I feel about it yet, but came up with this.

I hear the bell ring.
As I’m climbing the stairs.
Walk through an empty hallway.
Towards the lab to see if anyone’s there.
Hope I’m the first to get back.
Can’t stand those awkward stares.
Take a big deep breath.
Reach the corner, on my last steps.
The faces inside hold the torments.

Struggle every day.
With my own demons.
Forced to interact.
With people who just encourage it.
Wears a person down.
Like your not worthy of being human.
I pray that they get theirs.
An unpleasant surprise from their maker.
To feel what it’s like to suffer.

They say you are your own worst enemy.
Well today that’s true.
Always results with a loss somewhere.
Communities frantically looking for clues.
Always a could have, never a should have.
Compassion can’t be taught, should always be part of you.
Be a friend when one is needed.
Who doesn’t need someone to listen?
Who doesn’t need a friend?


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