The city lights, are blocking out the sky.
Holds no remorse, we came chasing the pie.
Our own faults, for having that spark lit in our eye.
Believing we are bigger than life.
The city doesn’t care for us.
Wants our money then helps us die.

The shops are an illusion.
A front for a capitalist collusion.
Marketed towards hipster fads and ideas.
The new way of thinking has been created by those pigs.
Taken the city by storm.
Inviting their guineas to become residents.

There’s graffiti on the 1st street bridge.
Downtown’s become a center for pro gentrification.
Corner’s littered with big box stores selling health foods.
Farmers markets being shunned because they’re not hip and cool.
Brick buildings have been replaced with glass.
Homeless being marched out of town by a wealthier class.


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