I was asked recently that if money wasn’t an issue, where would I want to go. I’ve been thinking about that a bit and decided to give it a shot. Which city or country would I find interesting? Any kind of barrier that would be difficult to break? I decided to have two categories, ‘Cities I would want to visit’ and ‘Countries I’d like to visit’. For the ‘Cities’ category I made a list of places inside the US and outside.

Cities in the USA:

  1. Los Angeles, CA – Never been to the west coast, much less California, but would love to see and experience LA firsthand. It seems like a city that has a little bit of everything. The weather, the different types of people, the look of the city, there’s something that makes the city intriguing. I would hope that it’s not just a well played campaign to attract new visitors, but either way the city still seems interesting.
  2.  San Francisco, CA – A city I’ve wanted to visit for what seems like forever. The cityscape is something that has always interested me. The city by the bay almost always looks good in whatever I’ve seen it in. I’ve always wanted to ride a cable car or visit Alcatraz. The view from the Golden Gate looks awesome!
  3.  Honolulu, HI – Not really much to say, the city just looks like a tropical paradise.
  4.  Seattle, WA – The natural beauty of the region looks great, but my fascination with the 90’s music scene really does it.
  5.  Las Vegas, NV – This is more of a just to see it type of city for me. I’m not really a fan of gambling, but I’ve always wanted to see the desert or walk around the strip. Seems like a lot of fun anyway.  The Stratosphere should give excellent views of the area I would imagine.

The next list will be of cities outside the US that I would want to visit. That will be added soon!


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