So today I’m going to list the five cities outside the US that I would want to visit. There are quite a few more, but I want to limit the number to five.

  1. Berlin – A city steeped in what I think of as ‘interesting history’. So many sites to explore. The city seems like it would be nice to just walk around even.
  2.  London – Another city full of history and significance. Walking the River Thames, riding the London Eye, or even catching a glimpse of Abbey Studios or Konk Studios would be such an experience.
  3.  Tokyo – The largest metro area on the planet. Japan gives off a very high tech vibe that would be interesting to witness. Seems like a monster of an area.
  4.  Sydney – I would really like to see the Opera House. Climb on top of the Harbour Bridge, maybe? A city I’ve recently become fascinated with.
  5.  Auckland – Similar to Sydney I suppose. Looks like a really neat kind of secluded city. The Sky Tower would give some fantastic views! Oh, the weather seems pretty nice too.

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