This will be a short rant, but one that I’ve thought about recently.

What’s the deal with non-cable television? Seriously

As someone without cable every once in a while I’ll get tired of watching videos online. So I figure, hey, why not check out whats on tv these days. Now, to me the stations never had more than one good show in production at a time. The other shows have always been pretty boring and bland. In this day and age where if you have the internet you can have access to all these wonderful shows both from the US and abroad, why even watch tv anymore? I find it incredible that after all that has happened these channels still have all these horrible shows. It seems like they haven’t changed a bit. It’s all the same cop shows and sitcoms. I find it very difficult to relate or even care to know these same rehashed characters and storylines. I find the humor to be atrocious in most of the so called ‘comedies’, and the dramas never really feel like drama. They all seem to play out the same regardless of the name of the show or network. I am pretty thankful to live at this point in time, where you can throw your tv out and find the good stuff online. My curiosity gets me from time to time so I’ll flick through the channels, but rarely does it last for more than five minutes. Then I’m back to the Internet!


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