The first story follows a man moving from a small town in the midwest to a large booming city(preferably in the south) to help run his Uncles record store. The story would follow him from the time of January 1980 to December 2001. It would explore his life as he adapts at first to the culture shock. However, as time continues he becomes more comfortable and is able to make a name for himself, especially after his Uncle dies and leaves him the record store. He struggles at first keeping the store afloat, and with the popularity of these new “compact discs” the business begins to falter. After bringing in another family member they decide to cash in and stock these ‘cds’. Some time passes and business booms again. Throughout the 80s the main character would achieve some kind of success. However, once the 90s begin, times will have changed. The decline of the record store and the rise of the Internet nearly destroy the business. We see the store struggle to survive to the new millennium, and at the end of the story the character decides to sell the record shop to an organic foods grocery store. This allows him to take a vacation back to the midwestern town he left 21 years earlier.

In the midst of this we see the character and his friends and family react to the various societal changes. We could explore the beginning of the video game rise in the 80s, the late 80s vinyl bust, and incorporate the varied music of the 80s and 90s. Also would want to include several historical events including: the Challenger disaster, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Grunge scene, Desert Storm, the rise of the Internet, the Bill Clinton fiasco, Y2K and the story would end shortly after 9/11. There would definitely be comedy thrown in, but ultimately be kind of genreless. You would be seeing a character and the supporting cast grow older and change over the course of two decades.

Anyway, that’s one of the story ideas I have so far. If anyone reads this and has anything to add please don’t hesitate to do so!


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