Instead of griping about television anymore, I used my brain(or tried to) to come up with an idea I would watch myself.                                           

  I quite enjoy these shows like Modern Marvels and other kind of educational type shows. 

  My idea would be to focus on infrastructure and transportation networks of cities across the United States. It could be filmed somewhat like a documentary. Each episode would contain a specific city, and the hosts could interview city and state politicians the history and effects of old as well as new projects in these areas. Discuss the pros and cons of these projects. One episode could be about how the Interstate system was started and how it transformed the country. Another could discuss the subway system of New York City. 

  We could show how issues have affected the country as a whole, and we could talk about the effects on a specific region.

  Maybe I’m the only one, but I would totally enjoy a show like this. Anyone else?


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