Go To Sleep – poem/lyrics

This is a new one I’ve been working on

Grown too old.
So mean.
Hate the earth and stars.
Everything in between.
Angry, bitter.
Left to wallow in misery.
Please please please.
Put me to sleep.

Where is the love?
How about that peace?
Ammo for all.
Sure builds a community.
Fighting fire with flames.
All on a losing team.
Please please please.
Put me to sleep.

Repeated offences.
Generational bickering.
Ignored forgotten pasts.
Or selective memory.
Not a single new event.
More people listening.
Please please please.
Put me to sleep.

Cast away from the herd.
Didn’t feel like playing.
Off in my own world.
Learning and thinking.
All the pieces fit.
Doomed from the beginning.
Please please please.
Put me to sleep


Why superheroes short rant

What’s the deal with all these superhero movies? Hasn’t Hollywood used this genre enough? Is it just me?

Out of ideas? Afraid of new ideas? Maybe audiences still love them, as they continue to make massive amounts of money.

Then again, what do I know.

Little Black Box – poem

I’m waiting outside the store.
In a crowded line of 50 or more.
Nervous and anxious.
My hands are shaking.
Desperate for the clock to skip forward.

Five minutes pass, and so does an hour.
People come and go, but I’m not any closer.                                                                  Anticipation is killing us.
The lines not thrilling us.
We wait a little longer.

Restless, and the chants are louder and louder.
Lights blink on, as we get angrier.
Begging for an update.
Disappointed by what they don’t say.
The time is drawing nearer.

We go wild, as a shadow stands by the doors.
They swing open, and in we all pour.
Out on the left in on the right.
Ecstatic, we made it inside.
Half the boxes are gone, they swear there is more.

A little black box, is what we’re mad for.
Won’t solve our problems, but it might make more.
Another fool in this line.
Wasting my time.
Little black box distract me from this cruel world.